Iberá wetlands

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The wetlands of north-eastern Argentina are tameless, untouched and extremely beautiful.
The Iberá Natural Reserve is one of the largest fresh water reservoirs on the continent, and the largest protected area in Argentina. The Guaraní natives named it y-vera, which means “bright waters”.
Located in the Province of Corrientes, this is the perfect destination for a unique eco-adventure through the fascinating natural scenery of the Mesopotamia, a region of estuaries and lagoons, home to tremendous bio-diversity. The exotic landscape of the Ibera Wetlands is a paradise for birdwatchers and nature lovers.
Lodge in a classic estancia style property, stare at the sunset over the bright waters, ride a riverboat and discover the exuberant natural treasures hidden in the channels and streams, fly-fish in the upper Parana River, or visit the nearby Jesuit missions in Misiones province, established to Christianize the Guarani people during the colonial period.
Discover the Iberá Wetlands with the Masterplan spirit.


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